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Water Leak Detection

GAC Company Water Leak Detector use's their expertise to locate and detect leaks. Many times an underground leak at your residence or business goes unnoticed until the water bill comes in the mail. It is then the owner should begin asking himself what are the causes. It might be that the toilet runs all the time. Or possibly he filled his pool during this water cycle. If it cannot be determined what is the reason for the high water bill then it's time to call a leak expert at GAC Company.

The leak may be underground or perhaps a hidden water leak under a concrete floor. You can see this if you have tile that suddenly arises or is cracked or water sounds under the floor. Sometimes it is not easy to determine exactly where the leaks are happening especially if it's under a concrete floor. This is why a plumbing inspection is essential to discover clues to these hidden leaks.

Gas Leak Detection

Stop for a moment and consider the number of appliances in the home that run on gas. These days, many stoves, furnaces, and water heaters operate smoothly and safely on propane or natural gas. But the possibility of a gas leak is always there, posing a potential health risk to humans and a fire risk to the property. Moreover, when natural gas and propane burn, they emit additional toxic gases that can pose health risks if leaked into your home.

Homeowners are instructed to report suspected leaks immediately to PG&E and turn off the home”s gas and call the professionals GAC Plumbing Company who are trained to find the source of a leak and fix it. Detecting a leak quickly, correctly, and safely starts with the right tools and trained personnel.

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