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GAC Plumbing Company has the newest technology and training available . Our Santa Rosa and surrounding Sonoma County drain cleaning service  experts arrive on time and treat your home as they would their own, meaning we clean up our mess. To learn more about GAC Company please read our positive online Santa Rosa Drain Cleaning reviews on trusted consumer review websites like customer lobby and Google. You can also give us a call directly to schedule a Santa Rosa drain cleaning Service appointment.

Drain Cleaning Services by GAC Plumbing Company is backed by our commitment to arrive when we say we will and our fair upfront pricing. We have a 30 day guarantee on drain cleaning and Hydro Jetting (Some Limitations apply). When you call our company for drain cleaning you will reach a person who can help you with your plumbing problem, not an answering service. We offer Drain Specials Coupons  Monthly and there is no drain we can't unclog. We can also preform a video sewer inspection as part of our drain cleaning. We encourage people to do their research before hiring a plumber to clear their drain or perform other plumbing services. GAC Plumbing has been in business since 1979 and we are trusted members of the local community because we live and work here.

Drain Cleaning 

Drain problems in Santa Rosa are usually caused by a few common problems. Grease and hair are common causes of drain problems in the North Bay.. Often times people pour hot grease down the drain after cooking. This seems harmless enough because the grease is fluid while it is hot; however, when it reaches to cold drain it cools and thickens. This process being repeated many times over several years can cause a serious problem. If you have a backed up drain you may need to speak with an experienced Santa Rosa drain cleaning professional like those at GAC Plumbing. We can clear grease clogs with our drain rooter machine. It will also clear hair and tree roots. Tree roots in your drain or sewer line is are a more serious type of drain clog. This basically means that the pipe has been compromised and the sewage is not contained and is leaking into the ground. We can perform a video inspection of your drain and sewer line as part of our drain cleaning service to correctly identify the cause of your drain problem so we can recommend the appropriate and most cost effective drain repair for your specific situation.

GAC Company's Powerful Rooter Equipment

Power snaking is one of the first steps in the drain cleaning process which is why GAC is prepared to handle any clog with Four different Drain cleaning machines!

Expert Clogged Drain Cleaner

GAC Company, uses the Milwaukee M-18 small Drain Cleaner for versatile drain clogs. It has 3 different types of cable sizes. The 1/4” cable is great for bathroom sinks and bathtub drains. The 5/16” cable is used for floor drains and showers. The 3/8” cable is used for cleaning washing machines. The Cordless Drain Cleaner is known for pulling out hair restricting the flow.

In: Bath Tub Clogs, Kitchen Sink Clogs, Small household cleanouts

For the tougher clogs the Spartan 100 is used for:

kitchen sink drain, washing machine drain, floor drains, floor sinks and mop sinks, Roof Access drains. This machine is a company favorite because it of its efficiency.

Best Floor Drain Cleaner

When the main drain is needs cleaning, the Spartan 300 is put to use. This machine is very powerful and will cut through clogs in no time. It is designed to rip through tree roots or anything else that gets in the way of the cutting heads. There is no clog that the Spartan 300 sewer machine cannot handle.

Drain Rooter Services

GAC Company, For Commercial work uses a Spartan 1065 that carries 160 feet of .66 cable this is the most powerful machine we use equipped with all the needs of big commercial jobs that require up to 300 feet.

Drain Cleaning Serices


Drain Cleaning

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